Seashells – Florrie

Singer, drummer, model and all-around perfect individual Florrie is back, and somewhat unsurprisingly, her new song is brilliant. It’s called Seashells, and on Friday she put out a super-trippy new video for it directed by Ferry Gouw, who’s mostly known for his work with Major Lazer. It’s somewhat of a new side we’re seeing to Florrie – the song is a slower, more laid back affair than we’re used to from her, but worry not, it’s still very much a track for the dancefloor.

Headphone advert surprise-single Live A Little aside, we’ve not actually heard much from Florrie since she finally signed with a major label, so it’s pretty great to hear that she still has it. And by ‘it’, I mean the ability to put out excellently crafted, highly listenable music that is both relevant to what’s in the charts whilst also bringing something completely unique to the table. Whereas much of Florrie’s previous output has been straight-up electro pop, Seashells has somewhat of an eastern vibe to it which was pretty unexpected, but works nicely. As the video really hammers home too, there’s a really heavy 90s influence here too. As you’d expect from a Florrie song, we have an AMAZING drumming section, which comes just after the first chorus. I would SERIOUSLY kill to see this live.

Seashells is the first single taken from her next EP, Sirens, which is coming at the end of April. Sirens has 3 new tracks plus 2 remixes, and while I’m glad of new Florrie stuff in whichever form it arrives, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed by the fact it’s not an album. I’ve been patiently waiting for Florrie to break out and claim her rightful place at the forefront of the UK pop industry since about the time of her second EP in 2011, but for whatever reason she just hasn’t. So while it’s a resounding WOO to 2 more songs/videos and a few remixes, get on it please Florrie and bring that album out pronto.

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